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Thank you for visiting my blog! Here you will stay up to date on my thoughts and views on certain topics!

Latest from the Blog

My Security

What would the world be like without security? All of your personal sensitive information will be out online. This applies to your passwords, card info, social security, etc. We must take security very security, which is why there are ways we can product ourselves from being hacked. I watched a Ted Talk from Andrew Marantz,Continue reading “My Security”

Shorty Awards – 2K Fest

For the Shorty Awards, I selected which entry should win, and I chose 2KFest as my entry. 2KFest was a 24 hour non stop live stream celebrating the launch of NBA 2K 21 with the next generation consoles. They showcased the games capabilities during the stream, along with player interviews, activities, music performances, game codes,Continue reading “Shorty Awards – 2K Fest”

My Major and Learning HTML

As a student at Manchester Community College, I’m pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. . As a Graphic Design major, I am fascinated with the craft of detail and precision that make visuals come alive. I’m very passionate in the design field and excited to help communicate with others through visual content. This is whyContinue reading “My Major and Learning HTML”